The challenge for this project was to create a magazine based around a subculture. I chose speedrunning, which is beating a video game as fast as possible to try to get a world record. Using this theme, I focused on bright colors, dynamic layouts, and exciting illustrations in order to make a magazine that could fit right into the realm of gaming. The audience would be young adults already knowledgeable of speedrunning that want to stay up to date with the most recent news and records.


As a fan of speedrunning even before this project, I started with the knowledge I already had on the topic. Using this, I was able to amass a few in-depth articles that could be used for the copy. From there, I chose the name Any %, which is a category of speedrunning, and started sketching. My main focus while making the logo was to encapsulate the feeling of speed in an original way. The layouts for the spreads were also designed to give off a sense of motion to create a unified theme.

Logo Sketches
Layout Sketches
Final Logo