In addition to being my favorite project, this was also my senior thesis. The goal was to create the branding, story, theme, and promotional elements for a video game. With all of these responsibilities, I strived to develop an immersive and unified world that the players of the game could get totally lost in. Focusing on animation, simple illustrations, and typography, I then created a playable demo using Adobe XD, which the audience, primarily targeting young adults, could use as an introduction to the game's universe and lore.


I've always wanted to do a project involving video games, which made it easy to choose this project's theme. I came up with a brief backstory for the game, focusing on a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world, and thought of a name to match. Then, after establishing a simple, geometric art style for the map icons, I carried that over into the logo to make a custom logotype that reflected that same style. Once those pieces were all set, I fleshed out the story and built the world of Desolation.

Logo Sketches
Title Screen Storyboard
Poster Sketches
Map symbols used to indicate where the boss enemies are located