The idea with Omen Arena was to create the branding for a new basketball stadium in Canada. After coming up with the name, I fully embraced the weird and occult to make a truly unique event complex. With the use of a vivid purple, repetition of the logo, and lots of patterning, the arena comes to life. The logo was created through a combination of an eyeball and a basketball to relate to both of the primary themes for the stadium. The target audience is both basketball fans, and potential basketball fans, that want a unique viewing experience.

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This is one of a handful of rapid-fire projects in my portfolio. This means that we were tasked with creating the brand identity for a fictional company within the three hours of our class time. I chose the topic of an events complex, which I further narrowed down to a basketball stadium. I wanted to make a unique look for this arena and so I chose to embrace the weird and occult. This visual theme was achieved using a vivid purple, repeated patterning, and illustrations of eyes.

Logo Sketches
Logo Sketches